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Meet the BigBrother 18 Houseguests - Season 2016

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Big Brother 18 New Houseguests

Meet the Big Brother 18 Girls

Do not forget to watch the introduction video interviews with the new houseguests by Jeff Schroeder.

BB 18 Bridgette Dunning picture
Bridgette Dunning

Birth date:

Age: 24

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Current City: Ventura, CA

Occupation: Traveling nurse

Hobbies:Yoga, running, baking, reading sci-fi books, going out with friends, and watching comedy shows

BB 18 Bronte D'Acquisto picture
Bronte D'Acquisto

Birth date:

Age: 26

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current City: Denver, CO

Occupation: Student

Hobbies: solving math problems consisting of calculus, statistics and probability. Running, looking at adoptable dogs, stretching, and shopping for more hair accessories

BB 18 Michelle Meyer picture
Michelle Meyer

Birth date:

Age: 23

Hometown: Washington Township, MI

Current City: Washington Township, MI

Occupation: Nutritionist

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, going on Reddit, watching Live Feeds, researching nutrition-related topics, photography, working out, and selling stuff on eBay.

BB 18 Natalie Negrotti picture
Natalie Negrotti

Birth date:

Age: 26

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela, South America

Current City: Franklin Park, NJ

Occupation: Event coordinator

Hobbies: Painting, cooking, baking, eating, napping, shopping, online shopping, doing makeup, doing hair, tanning, pageants, dancing, going on dates, playing with puppies, looking at puppy videos on Instagram and online, party planning, decorating, having tea time, getting dressed-up, doing my nails, and bargain shopping!

BB 18 Tiffany Rousso picture
Tiffany Rousso

Birth date:

Age: 32

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Current City: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Occupation: High school teacher

Hobbies: Playing basketball, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, painting, singing, and playing guitar.

BB 18 Zakiyah Everette picture
Zakiyah Everette

Birth date:

Age: 24

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Current City: Charlotte, NC

Occupation: Preschool teacher

Hobbies: Dancing, modeling, cooking, eating, any form of designing or creating.

Meet the Big Brother 18 Boys

Do not forget to watch the introduction video interviews with the new houseguests by Jeff Schroeder.

BB 18 Corey Brooks picture
Corey Brooks

Birth date:

Age: 25

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Current City: Dallas, TX

Occupation: Baseball coach

Hobbies: Traveling, sightseeing, hiking, getting sick bro pics, playing sports, going out and meeting people, trying out new restaurants, playing PS4, and just being active, in general.

BB 18 Glenn Garcia picture
Glenn Garcia

Birth date:

Age: 50

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Current City: Bronx, NY

Occupation: Dog groomer/former police detective

Hobbies: Playing with her daughter, deep-sea fishing, and traveling.

BB 18 Jozea Flores picture
Jozea Flores

Birth date:

Age: 25

Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Make-up artist

Hobbies: Gym, hiking, and yoga

BB 18 Paul Abrahamian picture
Paul Abrahamian

Birth date:

Age: 23

Hometown: Tarzana, CA

Current City: Tarzana, CA

Occupation: Clothing designer

Hobbies: Playing music, going to shows and concerts for the crowd surfing, mosh pits, stage diving, [and] all the fun stuff.

BB 18 Paulie Calafiore picture
Paulie Calafiore

Birth date:

Age: 27

Hometown: Howell, NJ

Current City: Howell, NJ

Occupation: DJ

Hobbies: Various martial arts, exercise, and instruments. He likes Krav Maga the most on the martial arts side and playing the guitar on the instrument side.

BB 18 Victor Arroyo picture
Victor Arroyo

Birth date:

Age: 25

Hometown: Slidell, LA

Current City: Slidell, LA

Occupation: Gym manager

Hobbies: Working out, playing soccer, trips with my friends. He loves women.

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