CBS Big Brother Julie Chen Picture
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Big Brother 19 House - Summer of Temptation!

The CBS BB 19 House - Video, Pictures & Information

Take a look inside the new Big Brother 19 House

This season the BB house theme is "Summer of Temptation".

The Big Brother 19 interior decór features vibrant tones of gold, purple, and blue, larger-than-life trees and apples, and symbols of wealth, luxury, and power.

Julie Chen BB 19 House Tour 2017

Big Brother 19 Abstract Apple Tree picture   Big Brother 19 Abstract Red Apple Tree picture

Big Brother 19 House picture

The BB 19 Living Room Pictures

Big Brother 19 Upstairs Chill Space picture

Big Brother 19 Upstairs Chill Space Table picture

Big Brother 19 Wall picture

Big Brother 19 Safety Deposits Wall picture

The BB 19 Kitchen Pictures

Kitchen Bird Eye view

Big Brother 19 Kitchen Bird Eye picture

Kitchen views

Big Brother 19 Kitchen picture

Big Brother 19 Kitchen picture

The Lounge Picture

Big Brother 19 Lounge picture

Big Brother 19 Lounge Relax Chair corner picture

The BB 19 Bathroom Picture

The batroom has Venetian mirrors on the wall

Big Brother 19 Bathroom picture

Big Brother 19 Bathroom corner picture

The shower in the bathroom

The Bedrooms Pictures

The Head of Household (HoH) Suite Pictures

Big Brother 19 HoH Suite picture

Big Brother 19 HoH Bedroom picture

The Backyard with Swimming Pool Pictures

Big Brother 19 Outdoor Garden picture

Outdoor Lounche Corner

Big Brother 19 Outdoor Lounche Corner picture

Swimming pool

Big Brother 19 Swimming Pool picture

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